The New Normal

Be the Match workshop for transplant recipients and families

When I agreed to a stem cell transplant, I only knew that it was my best chance for a cure. I’m in complete remission. The transplant did save and extend my life. I can think and write and meditate. I can get myself here and there. I’m able to appreciate and enjoy this beautiful life.

It’s probably good that I’m only now fully hearing from others what my body has been trying to tell me: that these ups and downs might not be temporary, but rather my new normal.


  1. My dear Brave and Graceful Warrior.

    This sounds like new information for you. If it is, it must feel like a splash of ice cold water. I too am very grateful for your life being extended. I’m sorry that your new normal isn’t what your might have thought. You are a living breathing example of the power of how this practice works. Thank you for being a teacher to and for me in my life time. How may I help you?

    In loving kindness,




    1. Rose Ann, thank you for your thoughtful comment. It’s not a great surprise. Slightly sobering, maybe. Seeing such information validates things I’ve been hearing and reading in pieces over time. I’ve been thinking about it and realizing that I’ve had a lot of “new normals” in my life. I think we all have. We can still make plans as long as we “abandon all hope of fruition”!


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