Saving your Saturdays

wpid-2012-11-12_14-45-44_163.jpgI have greatly neglected the ADHD arena on this blog. Those who know me will find that just a bit ironic, since I are one. So I’m bringing it up again now, but making it easier on myself by sharing a website that does an excellent job of covering a lot of ADHD-related territory.

If you don’t know FlyLady, I am happy to introduce you here. Find reassuring and practical advice for getting a handle on clutter, kindly developing habits that help you get and stay organized, and feeling better about yourself in the process.

The topic of “Saving Your Saturday” resonates with me because I, too, somehow grew up with the habit of postponing chores. For many years, I would tell friends at work that “this weekend I’m getting organized.” Someone finally said to me, “You said that last weekend!”

Waking up Saturday morning already feeling burdened–all possibilities of fun eliminated–is no way to live. I know now that there were all sorts of reasons why I was so easily overwhelmed in my 20’s and 30’s. I didn’t know it then: I had a pretty dull lens of self-awareness. Thankfully, I can look back now on my blind spots and stuck places and have some compassion for myself. Isn’t growing up wonderful.

FlyLady provides motivating advice about chunking tasks–breaking down projects into manageable bites. With her gentle, good-humored approach, I never feel like she’s giving me one more item for my to-do list. Her advice about seven minutes–my favorite time span to recommend–is great. Seven minutes a day during the week can greatly help lighten up your weekend. She tells you exactly how to do it.

So peruse her site and enjoy. And save your Saturday. Give yourself the opportunity, when you can, to sit in meditation for seven minutes first thing Saturday morning. Just be. Feel your being, your sweet life, and be kind to yourself.

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