Busy, busy…

I went to the gym yesterday after seeing clients. Wahoo! But I was so tired from recent sleep deprivation that I only managed to do a mile on the treadmill before going home. That “only a mile” is so much better than nothing. I’m sure it helped me sleep, and helped me get through a hectic day today.

Just what does it mean to be too busy to take care of yourself? I didn’t exercise today, I’m sorry to say. Habits are so powerful – I’m wary of being away from the gym for too long, of “forgetting” once again how important this is for me.

Of course, I still care for myself in other ways. But I need to get back to the gym soon for all the goals I’ve talked about. And I need to work on my shoulder regularly – it has some healing and strengthening to do.

The main thing I’m reminding myself at the end of a busy day is that I’m doing my best, and I need to plan better. Not every day is this busy. I won’t forget my goals. My schedule is irregular – it’s never the same two days in a row. Planning and prioritizing are really key.

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