Why I exercise

Notice the present tense – as if I exercise regularly. I’m thinking positively and motivating myself. Exercise can’t be optional any more.

I’ve understood for years that mindfulness meditation is essential for me. It’s hygiene for the mind. It helps me work better with my emotional life, relax the knots of my little ego-mind, and stay open to situations and people when I’d rather shut down. Now I need to take better care of my body, too.

Entering middle age (I like to think I’ve only just arrived there), exercise helps with stamina, better brain function, preventing illness and injury… There are so many benefits, and there aren’t many excuses not to do it.

I recently had three free visits with a trainer at my gym. The sessions were free because I told the gym that I hadn’t been there for a long time, and I was tempted to save some money by canceling my membership.  I was wondering if I was just wasting money that could be directed to other things.

Of course, the salesperson was clever to try to change my mind by offering the training sessions. I’ll take credit for accepting them and showing up. I realized that the shoulder I injured six months ago was not going to get much better from further sitting around.

I’m not sure how the coincidence happened that Dave, the trainer I was assigned to (a competitive bodybuilder), has had multiple shoulder surgeries due to an accident. I could not have asked for a more sympathetic and knowledgeable trainer.

When I can afford it, I’ll go back to working with Dave. In the meantime, he gave me a wealth of information on how to rebuild strength in my shoulder. Of course, just getting on the treadmill to warm up, much less do some miles, is hugely helpful. I feel a lot better with a little regular activity.

I’d like to think that I’ll just put my tennies on and walk outside. I love to walk, once I get out there. But I haven’t managed to do that consistently. In the meantime, I’ll use the gym. I’ll maintain my intention to take better care of myself. I’ll use this blog to be public about my intention.


  1. Exercise! It’s hard taking that 1st step. I do it everyday possible. It starts in my heart and then my head. Then of course it requires my putting “my tennies” on and going outside to walk no matter what the weather might be. Once there it’s great. Most people don’t know I deal with depression everyday. Somedays are better than other. Walking is my daily dose of medicine. I also have degenerative disc disease. If I don’t walk I hurt more as the days go by. Walking come rain, cold, or heat is my only chance to stay up right and mobile as long as I can. Hang in there my dear friend and come walk with me!


  2. I’m not sure about inspiration. If I was inspiration you would be walking more and not writing about wanting to walk. 😉


  3. Yo Celeste!

    How’s the exercise coming along? How is the shoulder? As you know my back and right hip have gotten he better of me lately. My walking is a bit of a chore these days. I’m walking when I can albeit the outconme is pain. MRI is in the works. Look forward to seeign an update.



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