Anything you want (well, not anything…)

I think I was born a generalist – with a few too many interests.

The topics I want to write about range from the deep richness of Buddhist teachings (and implications for everyday living) to tidbits (maybe from experience, maybe from a book or other places) about gardening with native plants, or research on healthy couple relationships, or public speaking, or science research, or what I’ve heard it’s like to live on the International Space Station. And then there’s cancer, and recovery therefrom, and living as a cancer survivor.

It’s a lot to choose from.

There are days when I know exactly what I want to share and how I’m going to express it. Other days, I see the blank page and… look for chocolate.

So, what would you like to read from me? Those of you who know me, at least a little, will have some good suggestions, I have no doubt.

Roy Orbison (RIP) – You Got It


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