Social Media Mind


One of my personal mantras has been, “Small screen, small mind.”

When I wake up a bit sleep-deprived, as I did yesterday, I’m vulnerable to spending too much time on social media. My windhorse is low, my mind is dull, and I can’t think of anything I actually want to do. So, I can spend hours gazing at my smartphone.

I gave in to my head cold symptoms last night and took a Benadryl, knowing it would clear my sinuses and give me a long night of sleep. I woke up this morning with a rested body and a clearer mind. I enjoyed the silence in the house and in my mind. Why would I muck that up by getting back on Facebook and Twitter?

This election cycle is a painful time for me. I’m saddened by fake news and the tone of nationalism in our country and around the world. Posting my opinions online seems like an exercise in desperation and futility. Any feelings of solidarity and hope that arise, especially when I agree with my friends, is darkened by my frustration, disappointment, and fear.

Hope and fear, the painful highlights of samsara. I got hooked again.

It’s a beautiful day in Houston, Texas. The morning beckons me to reconnect with my warm, sad heart and the bittersweetness of life.


  1. Certainly makes sense to me! Now if Drakk would stop with his nightmares and puncturing me in my sleep, I’d feel better too! Gotta love the kids though!


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