An Infant Immune System

I was at MD Anderson this morning for lab tests. I’ve been getting them pretty frequently lately, once or twice a week, while the stem cell team continues to monitor my hemoglobin and creatinine levels. (I’ll write in another post about my adventures over the last six months with hemolysis–hemoglobin breakdown.)

After a delightful lunch break with my friend Marlin, I returned to MDA for a follow-up with the hematologist. While waiting in Hematology, I received a follow-up call from a nurse in Stem Cell. She said this morning’s lab results show my hemoglobin dropped since last week (not good), and creatinine had bumped up (also not good). Not terrible, but not great. So I’ll be back tomorrow for a unit of blood.

This is one reason why it’s hard for me to make plans. 

It takes at least a year for the immune system to recover after a stem cell transplant. It can take people the better part of two years before they feel they have significantly improved. My transplant was on March 26, 2016, so my new immune system is not even nine months old.

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