Donate, don’t rotate

Nikki Kinser (Take Control Organizing) produces a helpful weekly podcast with encouragement and advice for the organized lifestyle. Here’s a recent episode:

“Fight the churn! You know it happens to you — you’re delighting in the act of moving things around all the while avoiding making the tough decisions that come with getting organized. But remember, just because it’s activity, doesn’t make it organizing activity. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about rotation, making tough decisions, and donating the things that are ripe for a new home!”

There are two reminders I appreciated about this brief episode. First, it reminds me of the Buddhist definition of laziness, which includes busy laziness–activity that seems productive but doesn’t actually take us anywhere. It indicates a lack of awareness. It also points to a fear of facing something more challenging, like being in the moment with clarity.

Second, I enjoyed the reminder they briefly mention about clearing out clutter that is very old. If it’s so old we don’t even remember what’s in the box or binder, or on the hard drive or CD from 10 years ago–do we even need to look at it? We’ve moved past it, and it would only “churn” up old preoccupations to make ourselves go through every item. Sometimes the best idea is the swiftest action–just get rid of it. Shred it, toss it, or donate it.


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