Women Whispering with Horses

There’s a wonderful workshop offered at Red Dun Ranch called Women Whispering with Horses.

Women Whispering allows you a chance to connect with a horse in a way you may never have experienced. Rather than riding the horse, you are on the horse’s level – face to face, nose to nose, shoulder to shoulder. Connecting with the horse in this way, you will have the opportunity to discover a deeper level of confidence, communication, and trust.

The next Women Whispering workshop will be offered Sunday, May 23, 2010. The workshop is offered about once a month.  Space is limited to 10 participants. Cost is $75 pre-paid; $90 at the door.

Location: Red Dun Ranch, 14034 Hooper Rd., Houston, TX 77047. Red Dun Ranch

For more information and to register, contact Jennifer Werhle at 713-433-9997.


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